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Online Dating Safety Tips

Internet Dating can be a great way to find your “one true love” and for the most part, people on dating sites are honest and genuine but there are exceptions.


Some people out there will:


  • Try to scam you out of money

  • Blackmail or threaten you

  • Try to steal your personal information

  • Physically hurt you

Taking some simple precautions can make sure online dating stays safe and fun!

Online dating

Online Profile Tips

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  • When setting up a profile, use a random username which has no connection to your real name.
  • Don’t disclose private information to people online – bank details, mother’s maiden name etc
  • Don’t respond to requests of money or to offers of money
  • Don’t click on links to ‘private’ profiles – it could be a virus
  • If you are unsure, put the person’s name into a search engine to see what comes up
  • If a person threatens or tries to blackmail you, report them immediately
  • Be wary of people who declare their love for you within a few hours or days


Meeting in person

Cup of coffee



  • Always meet in a public place
  • Tell a friend or family member where you are going beforehand
  • Be wary if the person starts asking strange questions – (Name of first school, first pet or bank you use). They could be trying to get your account information
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable, make your excuses and leave
  • Arrange to meet up with a friend afterwards
  • Use your own transport to and from the date


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