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Trudgian Farm Shop


1 Church Terrace

We have been farming since 1901 and retailing directly to the public since 1994. Committed to producing high quality meat & vegetables in a traditional manner. We strictly do not use artificial hormones or growth promoters and we only use chemical sprays and fertilizers where absolutely necessary. This family run farm is situated in two locations at the villages of St. Ewe and Grampound, with a farm shop situated in the village of Probus. To ensure the high standards of quality and husbandry we use traditional farming methods wherever possible. At our farms we breed cattle, sheep and pigs as well as growing a variety vegetables to supply the farm shop with. We sell our own meat and vegetables, which are produced in a traditional and homely manner. The Beef from our South Devon herd in hung for at least a fortnight prior to being sold to ensure the meat is always at its best. We also have a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetable for sale every day, many of the seasonal vegetables are home grown and are usually picked and sold on the same day! Producing independently we ensure the highest quality as well as competitive prices.

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