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Keep Your Home Warm This Winter


Winter has well and truly arrived. It doesn’t matter what kind of house you live in or what budget you’re on, there are plenty of tips and tricks to beat the chill this Winter.

You may have heard that a Level 3 Cold Weather Alert has been issued for all regions of England, including the South West. This alert is issued when severe weather is occurring, so keeping warm should be a priority over this chilly time. 

Wrap up warm

Warm This Winter

The cold weather can have a serious impact upon people’s health over the winter months therefore it is so important to wrap up warm. This will prevent illnesses such as colds, flu and more serious health conditions such as heart attacks and pneumonia.

These problems are more likely to arise if you are vulnerable to cold-related illnesses especially if you are over 65, disabled or suffer from a long term health condition.  So before you start on warming your home, be sure that you are layered up before making any significant changes.

There are simple ways to warm yourself up quickly, especially through these cold nights. If you haven’t done so already, get the winter bedding out of the cupboard and cocoon yourself in the never-ending layers of your bedding. If you’re still craving the warmth, grab yourself a hot water bottle, wheat bag or simply squeeze the person next to you and you’ll soon feel snug as a bug!

Take care of the temperature


The World Health Organisation states that the standard temperature for your home should be 18C (64F) for a healthy person who is dressed appropriately. If you are 65 or over or vulnerable to illness it is important to take precautions. It is advised to increase the temperature of your home to above 18C and consider getting yourself a free flu jab through your doctor, to prevent any chance of you getting ill over winter.

To gain significant control of the temperature of your home, it may be useful to use a thermostat to gain more control of the temperature and save money in the long term.

When the heating is on within your home, be sure that your furniture such as your sofas are not blocking the radiators. This will limit the availability of warmth that can be distributed across your home and you will lose out on both warmth and money.

Double glazing and insulation

Warm This Winter

Double glazing and insulation are both effective ways to keep the warmth trapped inside your home. Double glazing may be an expensive investment but it is an extremely useful addition to reduce heat loss.

The insulation of your walls and roof are an easy and cost effective method compared to double glazing. Insulation of your walls can be easily achieved through blowing insulated material between the brick and the inside of the wall, but be sure to gain professional advice before doing something you’re unsure of.

If you have insufficient loft insulation, this could have a poor impact on maintaining the heat already in your home. Warm air travels upwards therefore a large volume of heat will escape through the roof of your house, luckily this doesn’t have to be an expensive job as you can easily do it yourself with the appropriate advice.

Flick the switchwinter

It’s time to switch up your fans to winter mode. Simply flicking the switch will re-direct your fan to create a clockwise rotation, this action pushes the warm air gathered at the ceiling and spreads it across the room. This is yet another reliable method of maintaining the warmth and saving a pretty penny!

Soak up the sun

Warm This Winter

Open your curtains and close your doors as soon as you can in the morning - this will let your home soak in all of the warmth and goodness. Try dotting a few mirrors throughout your rooms you spend most of your time in, this will reflect all of the sunlight, providing you with even more warmth and brightness into your home.

As soon as you feel darkness falling, be sure to draw all of the curtains to trap all the warmth inside your home. If you find that you are still feeling the chill, consider investing in insulated curtains. However, a more budget friendly and simpler alternative is to hang a drape over your window and front door overnight, and it’s just as effective.

When the evening rolls in, light a few candles and get all cosy before you head to bed. Your bedroom will soon be your favourite spot!

Stop those cold feet!

Warm This Winter

You may feel that your feet are feeling the cold this winter, this may be down to the unexpected cold air finding its way into your home through gaps and openings. This could be cracks, gaps within your window frames, letterboxes or the cat flap. Fill in any cracks and begin to block any openings with a blanket or rags.

You may find that draught excluders for your letterbox and doors may be the perfect method to stop air creeping into your home – even if your postman will hate you for it!

Another factor to consider is your fireplace as heat can be easily lost through the chimney. A simple method to secure all of the heat is to purchase a chimney balloon, this can be inserted into your chimney to prevent any warm air escaping. Be sure to empty the chimney before lighting the fire!

Get ready for the perfect excuse to add a little decoration to your home. Rugs are a great accessory that will be sure to keep your home toasty. If you have wooden floors, there is a significant chance that heat is being lost because of this. If you don’t want to spend money on floor insolation, adding rugs or blankets into the mix is the perfect alternative to keep your home and feet happy.

Ready, steady cook!

Warm This Winter

Are you a culinary genius who cooks up an exquisite roast dinner? This will not only be a treat for the family, it will also transfer heat all across your home through the heat of the oven. Nothing warms your heart more than a roast dinner and eating food is a vital source of energy which keeps your warm, so remember to stay stocked up when it gets chilly!

Other great ways to warm up is to make sure you are getting up every half an hour or so to stretch your legs. And why not pick yourself up a warm drink along the way to feel even more comforted in your snug home?

Are electric friends for you?


Investing in some electric friends will have you ready for winter in no problem. Electric accessories such as an electric blanket can be the perfect pick me up when you’re feeling the chill! There’s a lot of speculation when it comes to electric blankets; modern blankets use low-voltage wiring which is a lot safer than old models and will save you the pennies when used alongside turning down the thermostat. Be sure to have your electric blanket tested every three years to be safe and never use one with a hot water bottle.

A further accessory to consider is a portable space heater; perfect for a heat boost in a smaller area with relatively low electricity use. It’s great to have a portable device to follow you around when you need a quick heat boost in times of need! Don’t forget to switch them off when they’re not needed anymore, they can be expensive to run over long periods of time and can be a fire hazard.

Safety first

Warm This Winter

When heat is involved it’s clear that there are a number of safety measures to take into consideration. With the use of electrical devices be sure that they are at least three feet away from any materials such as curtains, bedding, blankets and ensure it is placed on a stable flooring and never left on overnight. Items such as a portable heater can cause injuries such as burns and be a hazard to your animals, be sure to keep an eye on them.

Ensure the instalment of a carbon monoxide alarm within your home as this poisonous gas can produce hazardous levels in a short amount of time. Carbon monoxide is produced when fuels such as gas, oil, coal or wood do not burn fully. Incorrectly installed or poorly maintained appliances such as cookers and heaters have the hazard of producing this poisonous gas, so be aware of this when staying warm this winter.

What tricks do you have for keeping your home warm this winter?



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