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10 Valentine’s Day Facts!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s the day of love all around the world and we thought it would be a great time to share with you 10 fun facts about this special day.


1. The Romans started it!


Want to know how Valentine's Day started? Well, there's a few different theories but this is our favourite...

The story suggests that back in the Roman times Saint Valentine was not very happy that there was a ban on marriage. He was so against it that he decided to perform secret weddings! 

Unfortunately his luck soon ran out and he was executed on February 14th… ouch!


2. Juliet is a popular lady...


It’s a busy day for the city of Verona - the location of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The city receives around 1,000 Valentine’s letters addressed to Juliet every year!


3. King Henry VII made it official


King Henry VII declared February 14th the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day in 1537. 


4. Chocolate is for the heartbroken


In the 1800s, if you were struggling with heartache and lost love, physicians would advise chocolate!

This was a great idea, as chocolate releases serotonin in the brain and makes us happy and who doesn't like chocolate? So if you’re Valentine’s is feeling blue, chocolate could be the answer... 


5. Cadbury’s bagged the first Valentine’s box of chocs


In 1868, Richard Cadbury had the smart idea to introduce the first ever box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Smart move!


6. Single? Go to Finland!


If you're without a Valentine this year, you could always head over to Finland where on Valentine’s Day they celebrate Ystävänpäivä. This translates to “Friend’s day”.

This year you could spend your Valentine's Day with a friend you love, show them how much you care about them!


7. 1 billion Valentine’s cards are sent…


1 billion Valentine’s cards are sent each year, the largest seasonal card sending time of the year, right after Christmas.


8. Roses are red…


So why are roses so popular over Valentine’s Day? The red rose was actually the favourite flower of Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and remains a popular choice to express love across the world.


9. You have to sign it with a X


It is believed that the X symbol originated from the Medieval times.

The X became the symbol for a kiss. If you couldn't write and sign your name, you would simply sign with an X, and kiss it to show your sincerity.

But where does the 'O' come from? Why do you think this means hug? Tweet us @piratefm!


10. It’s for procrastinators


A report suggests that over 50% of Valentine’s cards are purchased six days before the big day. Does this mean we love to procrastinate or that we just love looking at all the cards that make us cringe?

Don't forget to let us know what you're up to this Valentine's Day... do you love it or hate it?



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