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50 Random Acts Of Kindness


Happy Random Act Of Kindness Day!

Let's find out what simple things you can do to make someone's day that little bit better...


  1. Make someone a cup of tea at work

  2. Send a message to an old friend

  3. Give a stranger a compliment

  4. Give a homeless person food

  5. Smile at everyone you pass

  6. Give someone a book you think they would like

  7. Send someone surprise flowers

  8. Hold the door open for someone

  9. Make a family member breakfast in bed

  10. Carry someone’s bag

  11. Give someone a hug

  12. Write a letter to your best friend

  13. Put your phone away at dinner

  14. Do the dishes

  15. Give money to a charity

  16. Feed the birds in your garden

  17. Leave change in a vending machine

  18. Leave a thank you note

  19. Take someone out for dinner

  20. Compliment your work colleague

  21. Leave a sticky note of a smiley face on a mirror

  22. Give a stranger a bunch of flowers

  23. Print someone’s Facebook photos

  24. Volunteer at a care home

  25. Draw someone a picture and put it in their bag

  26. Say thank you

  27. Be positive around everyone you see

  28. Let a car merge in front of you

  29. Give the Big Issue guy a cup of warm coffee

  30. Leave a tip that you’d be happy to receive

  31. Tell someone you love them

  32. Plant a tree

  33. Make someone a mixed CD

  34. Hold the lift

  35. Share your bag of chocolates

  36. Pay for someone’s drink

  37. Let someone in front of the queue

  38. Walk your neighbour’s dog

  39. Babysit for free

  40. Put money in a donation pot

  41. Have patience

  42. Offer to take someone’s shopping trolley

  43. Offer to drive

  44. Call a family member you haven’t spoken to for a while

  45. Clean someone’s car

  46. Be kind to the sales person on the phone

  47. Make dessert and share it

  48. Adopt an animal

  49. Offer your chewing gum to those around you

  50. Share the love!

How will you sprinkle your kindness today?



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