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Top Treats For Your Mum This Mother’s Day


With the run up to Mother’s Day, make sure you have picked up a gift your Mum will adore this year. Whether she is a pamper queen or a massive foodie, we’ve got you covered.

For the mum who loves a pamper...


Bath and Body: If your mum is a fan of a pamper session in the comforts of her own home, perhaps a body care set is the way forward. Luxurious pampering products will be certain to make her glow. With the likes of body oils, moisturisers and bath bombs she’s going to be hidden in the bathroom for hours. Let’s just hope she doesn’t start singing!

Flowers: Flowers are sure to brighten up your mum’s day, and of course her home. Whether it’s a £2 set from the local supermarket or a bunch delivered to her door, flowers are a brilliant addition to show you care this mother’s day. Instaflora are a reliable florist company, with a whole range of stunning floral packages delivered straight to her door. Just a head’s up, you will receive bonus points if you choose her favourite colour!

Pyjamas: Pyjamas are a good choice if your mum likes to get cosy in the evening. Silky soft pyjamas are key to getting your mum in her good books! Talking of books, if she’s also a bookworm, she may want to wind down with a little bedtime read in her new favourite pyjamas.

Movie Night: If movie night is your mum’s favourite kind of night you’ve come to the right place. She’s bound to get excited with a new boxset, or even a cheeky Netflix membership to get her really get her excited! She’ll be snuggled up in no time with a blanket and her favourite film!

Spa Getaway: If she’s more into being pampered, a spa getaway is a great choice to give her a chance to feel spoilt. Booking your mum into a luxurious spa weekend or spa treatment gives her the perfect chance to unwind and relax. There are plenty of Cornish Spas to choose from, take a look at our recent post 'Get Pampered In St Ives' to gain a little inspiration!

For the mum who is a foodie…


Wine and Chocolates: There’s nothing more indulgent than wine and chocolate, and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse. Pick up your mum’s favourite bottle of wine along with a box of delicious chocolates, certain to get her mouth-watering! Brilliant if your mum has a sweet tooth.

Baked Surprises: Bake for your mum this Mother’s Day, bake her a cake and pipe her name on it! As long as you can follow a recipe and you have a steady hand we’re on to a winner! With all this hard work she will definitely be proud of your creation, let’s just hope it tastes as good as it looks. If you don’t think you’re up for the baking challenge, simply search for someone to make it for you!

Afternoon Tea: Do you and your mum enjoy an afternoon tea? This could be the best treat which you can enjoy together. Imagine a lovely afternoon spent, accompanied by sea views and the best cream teas around – Could it get any better? Need an idea of somewhere to indulge? Check out this list of cream tea hot spots!

Get Cooking: Simply let your mum sit back and relax, while you cook up her favourite dish. Go get creative in the kitchen!

Dinner Out: Go all out this Mother’s Day, let your mum be wined and dined at your mum’s favourite restaurant or pub. This saves you from working up a sweat in the kitchen and the night will be filled with love, laughter and of course delicious food.

Cooking Gadget Crazy: Maybe your mum could be in need of a new shiny toaster, or perhaps you broke her favourite spatula? Either way, a little extra something for your mum to play with in the kitchen will make her happy. It’s the little things.

For the mum who is arty…


Painting: If your mum appreciates art and design, you may want to go on the lookout for a painting. Head to a local art gallery or browse online to find the perfect addition that will hang pride of place in her home.

Pretty Vase: If she’s the decorative type, this could be the present to really get her excited. Go on the search for the prettiest vase you can find, whether it’s floral, geometric or a simple painting of her favourite animal…She’s bound to love it, right?

Decorated Photo Frame: If all else fails, a framed picture is certain to tick the boxes. The prettier the frame, the bigger the smile!

Staying Resourced: If your mum is in need of resources for her creations, keep her stocked up! Paper, canvas, pens, watercolours – whatever she needs! She’ll appreciate it.

For the mum who loves an adventure…


Water Sports: Grab yourself a fun filled afternoon and create a splash! Go surfing, kayaking or even swimming. It could be the perfect Mother’s Day activity to get you both feeling energised.

Horse Riding: Saddle up, and hit the Cornish bridleway. You can both experience Cornwall’s beauty on horseback, a lovely little adventure to share.

Boat Ride: Be a tourist in your own county and hop on a boat ride. A brilliant little getaway for the both of you to enjoy Cornwall’s beauty or maybe hire a little boat and bob along happily!

Walking Tour: Take a walking tour, and gain insight into Cornish heritage, learn things you never knew and become inspired.

Segway: Travel in style this Mother’s Day and do something a little out of the ordinary. Hold on tight to your Segway, it will be an afternoon filled with adventure and lots of giggles.

For the mum who loves fashion...


Scarf: Go on search for the fashion pieces she will adore. A scarf is always a good move, especially in March, when the weather can be a little chilly at times. I think we’re onto a winner…

Bag: For the mum who carries a lot of things…a bag is always a good idea and something she will be thankful for because every woman needs a new bag, right girls?

Jewellery: Jewellery can be the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. Making it personal is something that always goes down a treat, perhaps a necklace with her initial engraved or a charm reminding her of something that’s close to her heart.

For the mum who is house proud…


Ornament: Add more character into your mum’s home this Mother’s Day, with a pretty or personal ornament.

Rug: Is your mum in need of a little comfort in her home? Pop to the shop and pick her up a rug to keep her toes cosy and her home looking fabulous!

Blanket: Keep your mum warm and cosy. Treat her to a soft blanket, perfect for the lounge, to throw over the bed or to simply keep her warm during those chilly nights.

New Set Of Mugs!  A new set of crockery, plates or mugs could be the best gift ever for your mum. If she’s house proud, fine dinner sets or mugs may be the ideal gift. Cornish company Cornishware offer a whole range of mugs, that you can also have personalised!  

Candle: A candle is the perfect accessory for anyone’s home, it’s comforting and cosy - Certain to make your mum a happy bunny! Check out St Eval Candle Company for some fabulous Cornish candles to add warmth and style into your mum’s home.

For the mum who is always late…


Watch: Does your mum need a little help with arriving to places on time? What’s better than presenting her with a fabulous new watch? Not only will she be thrilled with her new gift, you’ll finally make her on time for her next adventure…

Navigator: Hopefully she won’t get offended when you gift her with a navigator…But not only is this a thoughtful gift, you’ll be doing her a massive favour and stopping all of that car rage and getting lost on a frequent basis.

For the mum who loves a hamper…


Simply Cornish Hampers: Simply Cornish Hampers have plenty of hampers to choose from, filled with lovely surprises for your mum. Find all sorts of treats from cream teas to cheese and biscuits. Just scrumptious.

Cornish Cream: If your mum is a sucker for a cream tea, Cornish Cream is the one to reach for. There’s also champagne and chocolates to choose from to feel extra special.

Picnic Cornwall: From coffee lovers to sea salt admirers…She will adore the hampers Picnic Cornwall has to offer.

For the mum who is proud to be Cornish…

Maid In Cornwall: Of course, the first thing you should grab is one of Pirate FM’s ‘Maid In Cornwall T-shirts’. What’s not to love?

What are your plans this Mother’s Day?



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