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Ice Cream Spots In Cornwall Not To Miss!

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Spring has sprung - which can only mean one thing, ice cream. We've got a few places you can go and enjoy deliciously creamy ice cream throughout Cornwall but don't forget to tell us your favourite!

Mr B’s

Mr B’s ice cream has taken Cornwall by storm! Mr. B - the Godfather of Cornish ice cream, has created a huge selection of original flavours to tickle your tongue with each scoop. The quirky looking ice cream parlour produces nothing but the ultimate tasting treats.

Ranging from timeless classics of Vanilla and Raspberry Swirl, to Jaffa Cake, Ferrero Rocher and New York Cheesecake. That’s just a small serving of the jaw dropping amount of magical flavours it offers. Make sure you pick up a napkin on arrival as you will be dribbling over the counter like a kid at candy store opening!

Mr B’s do not only deliver scrumptious flavours from the heart of Hayle, but cruises across Cornwall in their ice cream van. Look out for their refurbished classic 1970’s MK1 Transit ice cream van. Offering customers a unique Mr. B’s experience by catering for your special wedding day needs. The vintage van is all kitted out to serve and scoop 6 award winning artisan ice creams and sorbets of your choice.

Why not invite Mr. B’s to your Birthday party or special event for a truly flavoursome day.

Using the best of local Cornish produce combined with fine Italian ingredients. The ice cream experts are always creating sweet treats that cannot be compared. We're sold.


Treleavens picked up 11 awards since 2009, there's an incredible 90 flavours to choose from. Specialising in artisan ice cream that is homemade. They are constantly impressing with their artisan based methods and skills, creating intense flavours. 

All of the delicious products are created using only the best locally sourced Cornish milk and cream produce. Their rich and creamy flavours are made with fresh ingredients, fruit and natural flavours.

Roskilly’s Organic Ice Cream

Roskilly’s farm is organic and situated at the southern part of the Duchy. They have been developing the business for over 60 years.

The industry has boomed in recent decades, by opening their new milk parlour for the cattle in 1992, and selling their ice cream, clotted cream to fudge and more!

Rachel also began jarring her home made jams, chutneys and mustards for the company to sell. Then finally, their one big goal was achieved - Joe and Rachel could begin bottling their cattle’s milk.

Roskilly's pride themselves in producing organic produce, and to this day their farm continues to create a delicious range of treats.

Roskilly’s boast an impressive ice cream selection, with over 30 indulging flavours to tempt you.

Callestick Farm

Callestick Farm have been producing outstanding ice creams for over 26 years, utilising their own pure, wholesome milk with local Cornish cream and the ripest of fresh fruits. Their taste-bud tingling goodies have a variety of classic and original flavours that are all made on their farm.

Callestick Farm recognise that the healthiest and happiest cattle produce the highest quality of milk, with only the very best being used for their award winning ice creams. Indulge yourself with their rich creamy flavours whilst knowing that you’re treating yourself to the freshest, of fresh ice cream.

Moomaid of Zennor

This family run business is committed to providing rich and creamy Cornish ice cream for you to completely adore.

This parlour can be found on Tremedda Farm, West Cornwall with a whole range of mouth-watering flavours to choose from. We’re talking: Vanilla Bean and Clotted Cream, Belgian Chocolate to Almond and Amarena Cherry.

The ice cream is made from fresh milk taken from the parlour’s Friesian dairy herd and then combined with the deliciousness that is Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream or Double Cream.

Moodmiad of Zennor are always on the lookout for new and interesting flavours – so if you’ve got any ideas they’re always up for a challenge.

You can find this parlour in St Ives and Porthtowan – and spot their ice cream in a number of retailers scattered throughout the county.

Guest writer: Stanley Morris



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