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Three Things To Do In Newquay


Newquay is a busy seaside town with plenty to get up to. The whole family can enjoy a visit to meet some quirky animals or maybe you'd prefer to create a splash? Let's find out what you can get up to!

Blue Reef Aquarium

Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium holds over 40 natural styled habitats varying from the fresh Cornish waters to exotic ocean seas. It’s a complete surreal experience, come face to face with turtles cruising past, black tip sharks and beautiful colourful coral habitats.

The aquarium's main attraction and centre piece comes in the form of their giant ocean display, homing the most fascinating corals and species. The jaw dropping underwater tunnel allows you get close to the animals and encounter some of the oceans most interesting marine life.

Stand and gaze as the graceful black tip sharks glide past, watch giant rays effortlessly drift over your head with hundreds of other brightly coloured species, catching your eye in an exquisite display of nature’s beauty.

Blue Reef Aquarium offers interactive workshops for school kids or visitors for a day of excitement and learning that’s incredibly fun. Learn about the species natural habitats and what could be in store for the future of marine life.

With over 40,000 school children visiting each year making Newquay’s aquarium the largest marine-based educational resource for schools and colleges across the country. It gives you the chance to study genuine shark artefacts, and learn about all the varying types of sharks that drift through the world’s oceans. 

Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo provides an exciting and fun experience for the whole family. Get close and witnessing some of the world’s rarest and endangered animals, it's a great day out. With over a 1000 animals to study and enjoy at the zoo, this gives you a great opportunity to learn about some of the world’s most fascinating species.

Newquay Zoo is situated among 13 acres of glorious tropical gardens. Watch the powerful African lions tear through their lunch or the Madagascan Fossa rise from his morning nap and play in afternoon sun. Or quietly observe the captivating behaviour of Newquay’s fishing cat.

The Prionailurus Viverrinus, fishing cat - regularly takes to the water to catch prey as they would in their original habitat. Sadly, like many animals at the zoo, the fishing cat is endangered in the wild as their numbers are on a constant decline.

If you are a young animal lover or a David Attenborough fanatic, you cannot miss the chance to experience being a zoo keeper for the day. You will gain first-hand chance to learn what it’s like to work with animals, whilst feeding and interacting with them.

Along with the inspiring experience you will gain, each young zoo keeper will get their hands on a junior keeper T-shirt, certificate with photos and further information on the animals you have helped. The accompanying adult will also receive free entry to the zoo.

Once you have been gripped by the work at the zoo you will be inspired and want to get involved again. Luckily Newquay Zoo offer numerous education projects for students of all ages and those in higher education. Giving the chance to learn more about animal behaviours, animal enrichment and what implications that need to be tackled now to save the future of these species.

Cornwall Waverunner Safaris

Newquay’s Waverunner Safris offers everyone an incredible day with the ultimate jet-ski and water sports experience. It is the UK’s official Yamaha jet-ski experience, with a wide range of jet-skis to choose between that cater for all abilities plus sessions with their latest Yamaha Waverunner’s.

For an adrenaline filled day of fun and incomparable exploration, look no further. Waverunner Safris offer the unique experience to discover hidden parts of the Cornish coast and uncover coastal territory unseen to most.

Witness the outstanding beauty of the Cornish coast that cannot be viewed from land, giving you an even greater perspective of the surrounding areas of the coast. These brilliant opportunities can be booked for individual experiences out on the water or booked for a group rental, with a number of different activities to choose between.

A jet ski taster is the perfect first experience for younger thrill seekers, with each session will be looking to battle against the surging waves for 3-4 miles surrounding Newquay’s coast. Accompanied by one of the trained instructors to watch over every participant’s safety, but don’t worry, you’ll be the one behind the wheel once given the nod. With no previous experience needed and for only £36 it seems to be a bargain out on the water for a day of fun.

The advanced jet-ski sessions gives you the chance to experience the rush for longer when speeding across the waters surface. These sessions will look to attack 6-8 miles of sea, revealing hidden coastal treasures and remote coves along the north and south coast.

The ultimate jets-ski safari is a fantastic activity and one of the best adventures in the whole of Cornwall. This unique experience will take you out on the water to tackle 15-20 miles of incoming surf and coastline to unveil.

With the seas conditions adapting with each tide, along with the changing coastline, Waverunner Safaris offer a new experience each time. It doesn’t matter if this is your first, fifth or tenth time you’ve done it, the instructor will guarantee a new challenge and adventure. If you decide to head along the north coast tactical stops can be taken at Newquay’s Watergate, Mawgan Porth and Whipsiderry. Or if you decide to head the opposite direction, the south coast also offers beautiful bays to pull in by including Fistral Bay, Crantock and Perranporth.

What's your favourite thing to do in Newquay?

Guest writer: Stanley Morris



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