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How to Make Someone From Cornwall Smile


Compliment them on their pasty making ability


Every proud Cornish person has once in his or her lifetime made a pasty – and it’s a complicated part of our heritage to get absolutely right. There are so many different recipes out there that could turn your pasty into a golden delight – or into a crispy car crash.

When someone from Cornwall is complimented on his or her pasty making ability – it basically makes everything feel right with the world. It’s the biggest compliment you can give them – even if you might be telling a few fibs…

Give way to them on a narrow lane

give way

Let’s be real for a second. Cornwall is absolutely FULL of little narrow lanes which you can’t avoid if you want to go somewhere of some importance. There’s a huge probability that you’re going to go down a narrow lane and meet another Cornish person head on…

This is a tricky situation for the both of you. Who goes first? Should you wait for them to reverse? Should you just get out and leave your car and walk to your destination because your pathway is blocked? Don’t be silly.

Let’s make someone’s day for a second, and offer to go first in this standoff situation. Reverse back – and make them smile for a second… maybe they’ll repay the favour when they inevitably get themselves into this sticky situation within the next hour?

Assist them when they get stuck in the sand


As proud Cornish people – we’re extremely lucky to be surrounded by sea and sand, pretty much wherever we go. Sometimes you might get stuck into a little bit of bother and have your car stuck on the sand.

Now, getting stuck in the sand is pretty embarrassing and quite an annoyance for any Cornish person – so let’s take a minute and just help them get rid of the embarrassment – shall we?

Simply offering to help in any situation like this would make them smile – we’re certain of it.

Buy them a Cornish flag bumper sticker

cornish flag

As Cornish people, we’re extremely proud of our county. The beaches, the sea, the cliffs, the pasties – everything about Cornwall we love and wouldn’t change for the world. Therefore, it’s very important for every Cornish person to have a piece of Cornwall with him or her wherever they go.

Cornish Flag bumper stickers are a great way to take a piece of Cornwall with you – as it allows you to show everyone on the northern motorways exactly where you’re from… and how great you are.

Get them a wolf fleece

wolf fleece

Ever been to Parr? Ever been to St. Blazey? How about Camborne or Redruth? If you’ve been to any of these places, you’ll know the similarity between them all. Wolf. Fleeces. Yup – there we go, we said it.

Wolf Fleeces are currently taking Cornwall by storm – having a huge number of them darted around the county… but what is a wolf fleece?

This friend is the glorious wolf fleece. There are tons of them out there – and you could probably pick yourself up one as a proper bargain at either Poole or Parr Market.

This is the highlight of any Cornish persons life at the minute. To receive one of these bad boys would be an absolute dream. Why not go one step further and get a wolf fleece dream catcher or a wolf fleece mouse mat?

We know we’d smile if we received one of these highly sought after items.

Buy them a Seagull Prevention Kit


Every year, around summer time, we’re plagued by the biggest threat this county has ever seen. Seagulls.  They cause thousands of pounds worth of damage a year, involving car paint restoration, bin restoration as well as compensation handouts for personal accident injury claims. We need to find a way to stop this scourge – but in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

We’re not actually sure if anything like this actually exists – but let’s skip ahead to the year 2103. There’s probably some sort of kit that’s been invented by now – or some sort of spray – that allows you to spray your property to create a force field around your home. You’d be able to watch the seagull feces slide down the force field with a big grin on your face as you know you’ve done something to stop the scourge.

That’d make us smile – if you were to buy us one.

*This article is not intended as serious. The article is purely fictitious and should not be taken seriously at all. The views expressed in this article are of the author – and not LoveCornwall.com, Pirate FM or any associated brand.



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