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Buying A Contract Mattress For Cornwall Accommodation Providers


Buying a contract mattress for your hotel and B&B is important for your customers and maintaining a good reputation. You want your customers to return and thoroughly enjoy their stay with you - so let's find out everything you need to know about buying a contract mattress!

And what better place can you be than in Cornwall?

There are many factors to consider when making this investment such as the elements of comfort down all the way down to hygiene.

If you own a hotel, B&B boarding school, old peoples home or half of residence; contact mattresses are vital in ensuring you meet safety measures and provide quality accommodation.

Here are just a few points you need to consider when buying that contract mattress.

Meet fire regulations

It is vital that you meet all fire regulations as all contract mattresses and beds are legally required to comply with Source 5/Crib 5 regulations. Without this, you will not comply with the law and will put your customers at risk.

The British Standard requires that all contract beds and mattresses must pass the BS EN 5971 and BS EN 5972 to comply with the law - if you're unsure contact your mattress or bed provider.

What’s the warranty?

Before purchasing a contract bed, ask your provider what the warranty and guarantee of your mattress is. If there are any problems with your new mattress you can take it back with no problems.

What does your establishment need?

If you are a hotel establishment in Cornwall, you need to consider the needs of your guests as well as your own needs. If your aim is to provide accommodation that is luxurious and comfortable, you need to take this into consideration.

Browse the many mattresses available and choose one which is valued at being high quality such as a pocket sprung mattress. This mattress is heavenly to sleep on as the pocket springs work individually to support your body. It also minimizes disturbance during the night, especially if you have a wriggly person next to you! The more springs, the more support for your customers!

There are a variety of mattresses to choose from, including memory foam which was originally created by NASA. The memory foam is an amazing technology that moulds to the shape of your body and adjusts to your weight.

All you need to do is focus upon the desires of your customer and purchase the mattress that meets your needs.

Consider your alternative needs such as if you will have children staying at your facility. If this is the case, you may wish to consider a waterproof contract mattress to uphold hygiene levels.

The best way to meet your needs is to talk to a specialist or mattress provider. They will be happy to discuss your needs and offer guidance on the most appropriate mattress for you. It is important to do your research before purchasing the mattress, therefore have a browse online or visit your nearest mattress provider.

Comfort is key

Living in Cornwall is a beautiful thing and there are so many stunning areas to discover. But there’s nothing worse than having a great day and then going back to the hotel to an uncomfortable bed. Don’t let that be the case! A top tip is to consider using the most comfortable beds in your best bedrooms within the establishment.

Do you need an update?

If your bed frames and bases are not to your taste or you believe you are in need of a little update - there are plenty of options available. Of course you can create such a difference with the simple change of mattresses as your customer’s comfort is so important for a great stay.

Alternatively, a divan bed may be a great choice if you B&B for example is in need of extra space for linen. All you have to do is browse and find the most suitable base for you. In many bed providers, you will be able to choose a desired headboard that will match your interior.

A divan base will work great with any mattress while also providing a solid and reliable bed, lasting for years.

What do you need to remember with your contract mattress?

You need to take great care of your contract mattress to ensure that it lasts a long time and also meets hygiene standards.

You must turn your mattress every three months. This will ensure the comfort of the mattress is maintained. It is advised to keep a record of the dates your mattress has been turned.

It is also important to keep your mattress clean. Hoover your mattress often to remove any dirt and dust. A damp cloth can also be used to get rid of any stains. Purchasing a mattress protector will also ensure that your mattress is fully protected from dirt and spillages.

Size is important

When on the search for a new bed and mattress, you may want to consider the size. The bigger the bed, the happier your customer will probably be. Of course this is dependent on the size of your rooms but you want your customers to have space during the night.

Below you will find the mattress metric imperial, showing the sizes of beds you can choose from.

Mattress Metric Imperial

  • Small single 75cm x 190cm 2.6ft x 6.3ft
  • Single 90cm x 190cm 3.0ft x 6.3ft
  • Small double 120cm x 190cm 4.0ft x 6.3ft
  • Double 135cm x 190cm 4.6ft x 6.3ft
  • King Size 150cm x 200cm 5.0ft x 6.6ft
  • Super King 180cm x 200cm 6.0ft x 6.6ft

The finishes

There are two main finishes for your contract mattress, which includes the tufted finish and the quilting finish. Both are great additions, with the tufted finish providing extra security. If you are concerned about the fillings, this will increase the longevity of the mattress. On the other hand, the quilting finish will add that extra comfort for your guests as this provides a smooth finish.

Make it inviting

Your hotel and B&B rooms need to be inviting and attractive. If you want your guests to return, you need to create a space which is relaxing and with that extra comfort.

Firstly, the bed’s design and comfort of the mattress is probably the most important to you customer, as they will want a decent sleep after all that exploring!

Also, the interior and style should be elegant and meet your desired vision of the rooms. Always uphold hygiene standards and change your mattress every ten years or when you believe it needs to be replaced.

Added pillows will also add that extra comfort and your customers can then decide how many they wish to use.

Contract mattresses can be a difficult purchase but that doesn’t need to be the case. Simply follow the required safety regulations and do your research on the most appropriate contract mattresses for your needs.

Check out Sweet Slumber for a variety of options to make your customers happy.



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