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Increase Fitness and Wellbeing With Swim Spas


Do you love swimming and want to increase your fitness, or perhaps you’re an athlete in need of rehabilitation? A swim spa could be the perfect addition to your life, in more ways than one. 

For hundreds of years water has been known to provide healing properties. A swim spa allows your body to repair itself, ease pain while also increasing your fitness.

Today we’re discussing how swim spas can benefit your fitness and health. There is a growing market for swim spas due to their popularity with athletes and the elderly. Not only do they provide a chance to be active without any pressure on the body, it’s a great chance to train too.

What exactly is a Swim Spa?

A swim spa is a combination of a swimming pool and a hot tub. Often referred to as a lap pool, it offers powerful jets and a current to allow you to exercise and enjoy the powers of warm water too. It’s like an underwater gym!

A swim spa allows you to swim against a current to burn those extra calories and test yourself. You can also enjoy the simplicity of relaxing in the spa after a long day.

Is it better than a swimming pool?

This comes down to your personal preference but a swim spa is a lot more convenient. A swim spa offers the same functions as a regular swimming pool however they are more compact, making them easier to install into your outdoor space. It is also less expensive, uses less water, chemicals and energy to heat.

Swim Spas for increasing fitness

If you simply want to increase your fitness, a swim spa could be for you. They are great if you don’t need too much space but don’t worry - there’s lots of room to enjoy with your friends.

They are a dream addition to any home while also making you healthier in the process.

Read our post on how a hot tub can benefit your health here. We discuss how hydrotherapy is a great way to calm yourself and it can even help you shed the pounds.

Swimming has a number of benefits including building muscle, increasing endurance and also burning calories. Another benefit is that swimming is a low impact sport, putting less strain on your body. This makes it perfect for those who suffer from joint pains, arthritis or other physical disabilities.

Swim Spas For Athletes

Regular use of a swim spa can have wonderful benefits for athletes. It is great before exercise as the warmth of the pool allows the muscles to relax. When you begin to exercise your muscles will loosen, enhancing future performance.

It is also beneficial to soak in a swim spa after exercise. Many athletes use hot tubs and swim spas as a chance to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. Also, if an athlete has become injured the hot water and jets will prevent pain and relieve aches.

Training is also a huge factor for athletes and the swim spa can certainly fit into a routine. It is easy to control the current strength of the swim spa, allowing you to work at your own speed or test yourself with different settings. Not only will an athlete benefit from the exercise, they will also benefit from the spa elements. The hot water is therapeutic, beneficial to your mind and body.

The traditional techniques of rehabilitation include physical therapy that works to improve the movement and flexibility of the muscles. Aquatic therapy however gives athletes the chance to enjoy the benefits of hot water, which can heal and relieve stress on your body.



Water activities do wonders for the body and mind, this could be why athletes are enjoying the benefits of aqua therapy more today. If an athlete has had an injury or illness, they may experience pain and find it difficult to support their body. After an injury or surgery, they may not be able to walk very well - with a swim spa they can slowly build their strength back without any damage.

The buoyancy of water relieves all pressure of the body due to the buoyancy. This makes it a lot easier for athletes to stay active while also allowing their body to heal. Being active in a swim spa allows you to exercise safely and get you into shape. Alternatively, simply relaxing in the heated spa can allow muscles to relax and relieves tension after a hard workout.

Swim spa for the elderly

A swim spa is a great addition for the elderly. With decreased mobility and perhaps aching joints, it can be hard to find an exercise that works best.

Many elderly may enjoy a swim spa due to the low impact of the activity. They will not be able to fall and injury themselves and there will be no pressure on their joints.

If you compare swimming in a swim spa to running, this is a much safer activity. Running can cause problems to your knees and ankles, especially after a long period of time. This is due to the high impact while hitting the ground. A swim spa however provides a relaxing and shock free experience for your body.

Exercises to do in your swim spa

You may be wondering what exercises and activities you could be getting up to in the water. Well, we have the answers with some simple and enjoyable moves to get your heart racing and your body happy.

It is important that you create an exercise routine that suits your level of fitness; if you are concerned please speak to your doctor to discuss the level you should be working at.

Swim spas are a great chance to train your body and set certain goals to reach. Whether you want to try out different types of strokes or time yourself - there’s so much you can do.

Test yourself with jets and currents

With a swim spa you can change the settings to suit you. Alter the speed and direction to test yourself while swimming, find what works for you and make it more powerful each time.

Build your strength with resistance bands

If you would like to build strength and train your body, attach resistance bands to rowing bars.

Pick up the weights

Whether you want to walk across the pool while raising weights or attach weights to your ankles - it’s going to make you stronger!

Get experimenting

There is lots of fun equipment to use within the water. This includes Noodles, aqua dumbbells and balls. Have a play with different things and find what you enjoy most.


Enjoy the warmth

Simply, lie back and relax. Hydrotherapy can increase your happiness, decrease stress and relieve those aching muscles. The warmth and buoyancy means your body can thank you for letting it heal itself.

Enjoy in the comforts of your home

The best thing about a swim spa is that you can exercise and have fun all in the comfort of your own home. It can fit perfectly into your outdoor space, for those who would like privacy to exercise without any distractions. You can slowly build up your fitness by working towards a goal and doing a little bit every day.

Can children use them to keep active too?

Absolutely. Swim spas are great fun for the kids and will keep them busy for hours. For young children, this is a great chance to help your child learn to swim and practice in a safe environment. It is tons of fun as you play about in the pool, grab inflatables and enjoy pool side games together as a family. Not only is great for being active, it is also the perfect excuse to invite family and friends over and enjoy the social element of it too.

A swim spa is a smaller, more convenient and cost effective alternative to a swimming pool - and there’s room for activities! As the children get older, they can enjoy using the propulsion system to swim against the current and keep active.


Choose carefully

There are many swim spas available but make sure you purchase one from a reputable manufacturer. Choosing a company with a great reputation, reviews and experience will ensure a swim spa that is high quality and durable.

The model of the swim spa is also important, choose one that will suit you and your preferences. A swim spa is perfect for all ages and abilities; so all members of the family can enjoy the joy one brings.

Whether you wish to ease pain, reduce stress or increase mobility, a swim spa could be a game changer for a happier and healthier you.

This article has delivered an insight into the many benefits of a swim spa. From athlete training to daily fun with the family, you can find a routine to suit you.

This post is in collaboration with Cornish Hot Tubs.




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