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A Buyer’s Guide To Hot Tubs

Cornish Hot Tubs

We have all dreamed of owning a hot tub, especially in beautiful Cornwall - but it’s not just a dream, it can easily become a reality!

When you reach the decision of buying a hot tub in Cornwall, there are many factors to take into consideration.

You need to think about where to purchase the product, working within your chosen budget and finding the best hot tub to suit you.

Today on the blog, we have teamed up with Cornish Hot Tubs to talk about what you can expect and how to prepare for the life changing purchase.

Firstly, what is a hot tub and swim spa?

Depending on the size you have available, a hot tub or swim spa could be something to consider.

A hot tub is a large pool filled with water that is then heated, providing a perfect spot for a soak and a place to unwind after a long day. They are often found with bench seats, while others have loungers making it easier to lie down next to a partner.

Hot tubs gained popularity back in the 60s, when tubs were made from a wooden barrel or vat. When the 70s came, the process for vacuum forming acrylic sheets made the modern hot tub possible. 

A swim spa on the other hand is a combination of a swimming pool and a hot tub. This is usually chosen if you would like more room to exercise within the comfort of your own home. The powerful jets within the swim spa create a current, making it a fun and relaxing destination.

Take a look at Cornish Hot Tub’s range of hot tubs and swim spas!

Do your research

Before jumping on that buy button, there are a few things you should do before purchasing a hot tub.

It is recommended to do thorough research before purchasing a hot tub in Cornwall. Buying online has grown in popularity, but when it comes to securing a high quality hot tub you should speak your local supplier first.

There is nothing worse than buying a product online to find out that it is low in quality!

By visiting a local hot tub supplier in Cornwall, you can see the hot tub in person before you buy. This also gives you the chance to discuss your requirements and wishes with a professional advisor. This way the supplier can talk you through the best options, while also taking into consideration your budget. You can also ask any questions you may have, making your decision to buy clearer.

Another recommendation is to speak to friends and families who may also have a hot tub in Cornwall. Chat to them about their experience and how a hot tub has made a difference to their lifestyle, the style that works for them and anything else you would like to know!

Pop online and read reviews of your local suppliers - buying a high quality hot tub is important. This means you need to ensure you are purchasing from a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier.

Support and repairs

On-going support is also a great advantage, with many suppliers offering their services after your purchase has been made.

Cornish Hot Tubs provides a repair and services option. Their trained service engineers are always on hand with common hot tub parts to help you with any problems that may arise.

Their services include - annual servicing, maintenance, water changes, warranty work, training and changing filters.

Before purchasing, don’t forget to ask your supplier what they offer and work out if there services suit you and your needs.

Buying a hot tub in Cornwall that is right for you

Research is important when buying a hot tub but ultimately it must suit your lifestyle and wishes.

Whether you’re a party animal or prefer some alone time, there can be many reasons someone may decide to buy a hot tub…

Holidays at home

If you have a large family who do not travel often and like the comforts of your own home, a hot tub could be the perfect option. This adds a touch of luxury to your home and offers a place to escape to with friends and family.

Suffering from pain or injury

A hot tub works wonders for those suffering from joint and muscle pain. Athletes can often be found using a hot tub after sports or injury. They use a hot tub for the benefits of the hot water and massaging jets, easing pain and discomfort.

Social gatherings

If you hold social events at your home, a hot tub is a great addition. Your friends and family will certainly be impressed and jump at the chance to try out your new tub!

Alone time

Everyone needs some down time, that’s why having a hot tub in the back garden can be a perfect fit. Assuming you have enough space, you can enjoy the fresh air without a care in the world.

A hot tub is also great for your physical and mental health with the use of hydrotherapy - the use of water being used for pain relief or treatment. A hot tub therefore is a great addition to relive stress and simply relax alone, or with others.

Read more about the benefits on our recent blog post - ‘The Health Benefits of Regularly Using a Hot Tub’.

Creating family time

Bring the family together with a hot tub in Cornwall! Being social and maintaining a good relationship with your family and friends is important. And what better way to do it than with a hot tub? It is perfect to use all year round, while also getting the family active and making memories you can cherish.

Read our recent blog post, ‘Making Family Time With A Hot Tub In Cornwall’.

Just you and a partner

A hot tub with loungers is perfect for a couple who love some alone time. Cornish Hot Tubs provide a great selection of loungers, creating a lovely space to enjoy together side by side.

An example of a product is Cornish Hot Tub’s ‘Superior Spas Bliss’ - a three-person lounger with an impressive 31 jets and 1 pump.

What’s more, this hot tub comes with ‘comfort solutions’ - the chance to have incredible lighting!

Chromatherapy is the term used to explain how certain colours can help calm and rejuvenate you. A totally therapeutic experience that can be enjoyed with others in a hot tub!

This particular hot tub offers colours of blue, green, yellow and red. Each individual colour acts to support your mind and body in different ways. Interested? Chat to Cornish Hot Tubs today!

Features to take into consideration


Hot tubs come in a whole range of styles and sizes, so it’s important to choose one that suits your family and home.

Firstly, do you have enough space? A hot tub can be used indoors and outdoors, and it is important that you measure your space before committing. A local supplier however will usually access the situation beforehand with a site survey, but it is always great to be prepared.

If you are seeking a hot tub for just the two of you, you won’t need a large hot tub. If you are expecting a few more people, you can get up to eight seats making it perfect for social events like garden parties.

Money and budget

Working within a budget can be tough, but talking about your situation with a supplier can put things into perspective. This way, you can discuss your requirements but also manage within your budget.

You could also ask about estimated monthly costs of running a hot tub to understand your commitment before purchasing.

Many hot tubs come with additional features and accessories; therefore avoiding these extras could save you some money to allow you to work within your budget.  

You may also find that your local supplier in Cornwall offer second hand hot tubs - a great chance to save money. Cornish Hot Tubs offer just this, so if you’re interested give them a visit!


Many hot tubs now provide amazing features such as coloured lighting and music devices. This is fun and exciting for hot tub parties and using them in the dark - perfect for inviting friends over for a good night.

Technology follows us everywhere, so you may be thinking this is a great chance to leave your mobile behind and simply relax without any distractions. A hot tub is perfect for this, especially to bring the family together.

If you are the opposite however, you can enjoy a built in music system which can spice things up a little.

As previously discussed, the added lighting and colour changes can also make the night more fun and entertaining for your guests. While also offering therapeutic benefits for those stressful days!

Caring for your hot tub

Maintenance and taking care of your hot tub is something you need to make time for. But don’t worry - it doesn’t take much to protect yours and keep it in good condition!

You want your hot tub to last, therefore you will need to ensure that you are caring for the water with chlorine. Don’t forget to also test the water’s pH, doing so will prevent the growth of bacteria.

You will also need to change the water regularly alongside changing the filters in the pump. Simply chat to your supplier to find out exactly what you need to do to make sure you are taking care of your hot tub.

A cover over your hot tub will also protect it in bad weather while also keeping it safe from harm and contaminating the water.

What to ask the supplier

•          Number of people who will use the spa

•          Your goals for hydrotherapy or entertainment

•          The space and setting available for your spa

•          Your budget and your financing options

•          Comparisons between competitors design and manufacturing, warranties, and the look and feel of their spas

•          Take the plunge and do a wet test

Wet test!

A great way to see if a hot tub is good for you is to do a wet test. This is your chance to try out the rage of hot tubs that appeal to you. At Cornish Hot Tubs, you are able to do a wet test to ensure you are making the right choice.

More about Cornish Hot Tubs

Cornish Hot Tubs are a local family run business, who in the past fourteen years have grown the business to become the largest and most experienced supplier in the South West.

The business have a sales and service team who provide a professional, high quality service and have many happy customers from all over Cornwall and Devon who continue to recommend Cornish Hot Tubs.

Want to find out more and buy the perfect hot tub in Cornwall for you?

Contact Cornish Hot Tubs today and head to their website to browse their range of products.

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