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Cornwall is a beautiful part of the country. The most beautiful part of the country in our eyes. Miles of unspoilt coastline, vast swathes of moorland, pretty towns and villages ... so beautiful it is regularly voted the top place in the UK for people to choose to spend their holidays. And we are lucky enough to live and work here! But look a little closer and there is a worrying picture.

This Spring alone 'Surfers Against Sewage' beach cleans took eight tonnes of marine litter from our beaches. In the last nine months 'Clean Cornwall' has mobilised dozens of teams to remove almost 1400 bin liners of litter from our streets, parks and footpaths. This is just the recorded rubbish. Take a look on your journey home later or your weekend stank round the coast and you'll see that litter in all its forms is blighting our county.

Add to that the growing crisis over landfill space and waste management and it is all looking a bit 'rubbish'.

Here at Love Cornwall one of the first things we did on our #ecowarriors quest was to implement recycling and responsible waste disposal. It's easy to do and most recycling is now picked up straight from your doorstep. Here are our top tips for reducing waste and litter.

1. Reduce. Think about what you're buying. Is it over packaged? Can you get it in recyclable packaging? Can you re-use the packaging? How will you dispose of it? Look for alternatives or ask for alternatives. If enough of us ask, retailers may start to think more about how they package up goods.

2. Re-use. Thinks like tubs and pots (which can't be recycled in Cornwall) make excellent storage boxes of kids' bits and pieces, take a load into schools and nurseries for art projects, get creative! How could you give packaging a new life as something else?

3. Recycle. Set up separate bins in the kitchen/utility room or by the outside bin for cans/plastics, cardboard, paper and glass. It'll make it easier to sort it for bin collection day. Remember that if recycling isn't in the right bag, isn't washed out/prepped properly or contains materials that can't be recycled the whole lot could be classed as 'contaminated' and will end up in landfill anyway. Click here for exactly what can be recycled, where it goes and also what day it will be collected from where you live.

4. Refuse. Stop buying things that don't come in responsible packaging. If you find litter - on the beach particularly - post it back to the manufacturer to highlight where it ends up and call for change. See here for the 'Return to Offender' project.

5. Take Action. Join a local litter pick, on a walk take a bin bag and gloves and pick up as you go along, tell others what you are doing at home to reduce, re-use, recycle and refuse. Ask your workplace to up its recycling and think about better waste management, Return to Offender, educate your family.

Once you're up and running, think about how you could reduce your waste impact even further in other areas of home life.

Click here for more tips from picking a new mobile to donating to charity shops.   

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